Class Memberships

When we say 'class' we don't mean what you're probably used to - bog-standard, over-subscribed classes at the gym where you struggle to see the instructor, they don't know your name and there's no individual coaching. Spark Fitness classes are the antidote to this!

You'll be coached, cared for and loved in a way you thought only your mother could... well, almost! Ok, so maybe we can't guarantee you that, but we can guarantee that if you tell us your goals, we'll support you in working towards them.

Spark Kettlebell Club

Our Kettlebell Club is a community of sparkly, shiny, happy people who have all discovered the amazing benefits of the kettlebell. When we're not carressing them lovingly*, we're using them to swing, snatch, squat and all the other exercises that don't begin with S. Kettlebells provide amazing conditioning whilst building strength, keeping your joints healthy and you injury free.

* This has only happened on the very occasional time... Honest!

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Retro Legs, Bums and Tums

New trainer, Emma's nostalgic class at Spark Fitness Studio will have you wishing you'd kept that leotard and wondering where you hid your leg-warmers! Join her on Monday nights for a swift half hour of working your legs, bum and tum!

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Core, Circuits & HIIT with Nick

Nick's 30 minute classes are perfect if you're someone who finds it hard to fit fitness into your day. Post-school-drop-off or once the kids are tucked up, with 3 classes to choose from there's something for everyone and all classes are suitble for all abilities.

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First Steps to Fitness

If walking into a large class at the gym feels a little bit terrifying, if it's been a long time since you last did anything more than walking, or if you find you keep putting off your intended fitness goals, then this class may just be for you. A gentle, small group session which will meet you where you are now and guide you gently, at your own pace, to where you want to be.

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