Meet the Trainers...

We are Maggie Elliott & Aimi Barton

It's fair to say we've both come a long way in our own fitness journeys. From two self-professed couch potatoes, our 'long time' friends still laugh at the thought of us as personal trainers. But for both of us, fitness has honestly changed our lives and we want to share that with the world... for now, let us share that with you and tempt you into a new way of living that will leave you brimming with confidence and taking on challenges in other areas of your life you never thought possible!

Top left: Proud winners of I Will if You Will Sporting Female award 2018; Top centre: Maggie leading the Spark 5k Tough Mudder team; Top right: Aimi finishing her first ultra; Bottom left: marshalling at ParkRun; Centre: fun at the snowy Jakal run in Feb 2019; Bottom right: Maggie enjoying her first ultra.

Maggie Elliott

What I love: Kettlebells; trail runs & obstacle races; Doris (my dog!); pizza, cake & gin!

Previous life: Desperately trying (& occasionally succeeding) to engage the future generation in the love of reading and writing as a teacher and head of English in secondary education.

Fitness credentials: Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer; Level 3 Pre/Post Natal specialist; StrongFirst SFGI, SFGII, SFL; England Athletics L2 Coach in Running Fitness.

Favourite thing about Spark Fitness: Working with the most amazing members who continue to amaze themselves but never me... I always knew they were capable of great things!

Quick Fit Tip: Strength is a skill and practise makes permanent. So take your time; learn the techniques, practise good form and have patience in the process... nothing worth having was ever gained overnight!

Aimi Barton

What I love: Ultra running, being a mum to my 3 amazing kids, Friday night sweets' night, and a slightly unexpected love of Beyonce (- Maggie wrote that last one!!).

Previous life: Permanently 'attached to a desk' job in a bank.

Fitness Credentials: Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer; England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness; StrongFirst SFGI in training.

Favourite thing about Spark Fitness: Being in a position to motivate and support people on their fitness journeys. Our bodies are capable of wonderful things and I love nothing more than seeing people discover strengths that they didn’t know  they had.

Quick Fit Tip: Focus on how becoming more active enables you to take a pride and pleasure in a strength that you didn’t realise you had, and less about conforming to impossible and often unattainable body standards.

Together we are...

Diet culture anarchists who have a passion for embroiling unexpecting women (and men) in our anti-diet culture; leading them towards food freedom, body neutrality (because we are SO much more than our bodies), and a passion for creating their strongest, most confident, happiest selves...

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