Meet the Trainers...

Strength has a greater purpose.

As trainers, we are naturally passionate about health and fitness but for many of us it's not always been that way. At Spark, we believe that exercise doesn't just make you healthier, stronger and fitter, we believe that it also has the ability to change your life because that's what it's done for us!

Maggie Elliott

Kettlebell Obsessed Owner, Spark Fitness

What I love: Kettlebells; trail runs & obstacle races; Bert (my dog!); pizza, cake & gin!

Previous life: Desperately trying (& occasionally succeeding) to engage the future generation in the love of reading and writing as a teacher and head of English in secondary education.

Fitness credentials: Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer; Level 3 Pre/Post Natal specialist; StrongFirst SFGI & SFGII kettlebell certified, SFL barbell certified, Strong Endurance; England Athletics L2 Coach in Running Fitness.

Favourite thing about Spark Fitness: Working with the most fabulous members who continue to amaze themselves but never me... I always knew they were capable of great things!

Quick Fit Tip: Strength is a skill and practise makes permanent. So take your time; learn the techniques, practise good form and have patience in the process... nothing worth having was ever gained overnight!

Nick Peterkin

Endurance athlete,  NPP Fitness

What I love: Trail runs, ultramarathons, OCRs (Obstacle Course races), camping and anything involving being out in the wilderness; My wife and three beautiful daughters; Coaching the juniors at Prestwich AC; Trying new things (Training for Ironman this year…!)

Previous life: Computer geek and Senior Manager for a Telecommunications company.

Fitness credentials: Level 3 Personal Trainer; Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral; Complete Kettlebell Trainer; Suspension Exercise Trainer ; England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness; England Athletics Coaching Assistant; England Athletics Endurance Coach in training and more...

Favourite thing about Spark Fitness: A fun and friendly place which makes a great change from the commercial gyms!

Quick Fit Tip: Don’t limit yourself, you never know what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Take things slowly, build up and you can reach your goals!

Emma Llewellyn

Marathon chasing lover of running, Spark Fitness

What I love: Running, especially half-marathons and Parkrun (hoping to add marathon to this in the not too distant future); chasing after my three children, cooking and eating; camping and the great outdoors.

Previous (Parallel?) Life: Sociolinguistics PhD graduate, Research & Evaluation Officer, Office Management and Finance.

Fitness Credentials: YMCA Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (Practitioner), YMCA Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing,  YMCA Certificate in Padwork for Small Groups, England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness.

Favourite thing about Spark Fitness: The opportunity to be involved in other people's fitness journeys and to be able to contribute and assist them on the road to achieving their goals. Fitness has improved my own quality of life and it is incredible to share this with others.

Quick Fit Tip: Your fitness regime, much like your diet, should be something that is a permanent part of your life and something that is fun and you look forward to. Without this it will be short-lived and a chore. Finding what works for you and dedicating some time to establishing a good routine will reap huge rewards.

Katie Rungrojkitiyos

Kettlebell Addicted 'Accidental PT'

What I love: Training indoors (unlike the others trainers!), my gorgeous daughter Fern, good food and wine, the odd round of golf and travelling (I live some of the year in Thailand!).

Previous life: I was an analytical chemist who moved in to working in clinical trials then into business development for clinical research. Now, I work in wedding and event planning as well as becoming a personal trainer (accidently on purpose!).

Fitness credentials: StrongFirst SFG1 kettlebell certified, L3 Personal Trainer

Favourite thing about Spark Fitness: Inclusivity and a relaxed fun environment where you feel comfortable but you also push yourself, as much as you want to, on your terms.  You realise you're learning a skill so you don't need someone to 'shout' at you, you suddenly realise that at Spark, they've helped you feel motivated to achieve your goals.

Quick Fit Tip: Have a goal; if there's something you want to achieve, you will be more likely to stick with it because it starts feeling like an interest or a project rather than exercise that feels like a chore.

We do things differently here...

We are a diet-culture-free space. What does that mean? It means that sure, you can come to us because you want to lose weight, but our approach is non-restrictive, steady and sustainable.

Or you can come to us without there ever being a mention of weight loss because what you want is to become as healthy, happy, fit & strong as possible! We won't weigh you, we won't measure you, we will NEVER use before & after photos of you!

The Spark Fitness studio is a weight neutral space which means no matter what, we focus on health gain over weight loss. We don't ever want you to view exercise or nutrition as a punishment or something that has to be suffered because we know that when you find what's right for you, you'll love training as much as we do!

Why not get in contact and find what's right for you?