Little Miss Resolutions' new year

It was a cold, frosty morning.

In her house on the far side of the town, Little Miss Resolutions was eating breakfast.

She had a huge smile on her face because this was her favourite time of year.

What time of year is that? you ask.

Well, New Year of course.

Little Miss Resolutions absolutely loved New Year. Every year, just before New Year rolled around again, she would spend hours and hours writing a new, beautiful list of resolutions.

This year she had excelled herself. Little Miss Resolutions had written no less than 10 resolutions. A personal best!

This year, Little Miss Resolutions had resolved to be absolutely perfect with her resolutions. She was not going to break any of them.

"In fact" she thought to herself, "I actually have 11 resolutions as I resolve to keep ALL my new year's resolutions this year!".

Little Miss Resolutions took another bite of her avocado on aubergine, slurped another sip of her apple and artichoke and asparagus juice and smiled at her new found resolution to only eat food beginning with A.

Yes, this was going to be a good year for resolutions.

list of resolutions

Later that morning, after Little Miss Resolutions had dropped the kids at school, cleaned her house from top to bottom, written a paragraph in her brand new diary, weighed herself 3 times, prepped her perfect food for the rest of the week, she set off in her car to the shops.

She would have a little browse in the sales before heading to the gym for a perfect workout and then back home to her perfect pre-prepared healthy lunch.

"Why" Little Miss Resolutions thought to herself, "I might even have a little time to write another paragraph in my diary."

Unexpectedly, Little Miss Resolutions' phone started ringing.

It was her the teacher at her children's school.

Mr Tickle had broken into the school and had caused a terrible pandemonium tickling children and teachers. He was still on a tickling rampage and they had been forced to close the school until they had him under control.

"Oh bother" said Little Miss Resolutions, "Now I won't be able to make it to the gym".

She took her list out and scratched 'go to the gym everyday' off the list.

At least she still had her A-diet food all prepared and ready to eat when she got home.

Fifteen minutes later, Little Miss Resolutions had picked the children up from school and was driving home when Mr Bump had the most tremendous bump in his car right in front of them.

It caused an enormous traffic jam.

After 2 hours, there was still no sign of the traffic moving and they were all very hungry. It was no good, they couldn't wait any longer.

Little Miss Resolutions, reluctantly pulled the car into the closest takeaway for some much needed lunch.

There were no A-diet food choices.

"Oh bother" She thought as she scratched yet another incomplete resolution off her list, "That's another one gone already".

An hour later and they were at last on their way again. Little Miss Resolutions now very much looking forward to getting home so she could start again on more of her resolutions.

When her phone range. Again.

This time it was her mum. She'd had a quite awful argument with Mr Mean and was most upset.

Little Miss Resolutions turned the car round and headed to her mum's house.

Sitting in her arm chair at just gone midnight, on the far side of town, having calmed her mum, cooked the tea, put the kids to bed, and ironed the school uniform, Little Miss Resolutions took a sip of her wine.

"Oh bother" She exclaimed "That's Dry January broken too and I'm just far too tired to write in my diary or do my mediation now"

Little Miss Resolutions sunk further into her chair as she reached for a chocolate.

"Well, I might as well" she thought to herself "It's all broken now anyway...

And with that, Little Miss Resolutions screwed up her carefully crafted list, poured herself another glass of wine, popped the last choccie from the box into her mouth, picked up her laptop and cancelled her gym membership...

...for another year!

Of course, we've all been here, maybe not to the same extremes but the premise is the same.

Want to know how to avoid falling into the same trap as Little Miss Resolutions'? Stop by the blog tomorrow for step one in the journey to achieving your health and fitness goals this year.

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