Aimee Shaw takes on the Edinburgh Half with Spark Fitness

Before Christmas, we launched a competition to find our Winter/Spring Spark Plod Ambassadors. From the many that applied, just two of our Plodders, Aimee Shaw and Sarah Seed, were chosen to work with Spark Fitness towards their Spring racing goals.

We'll be sharing Aimee and Sarah's challenge with you and they'll be updating each week on their training; what they've learnt, how they've applied it and how they feel their training is going - we've asked them to be brutally honest so you'll see the highs and the lows.

We hope that in following their journey, you'll feel inspired to get out there and commit to your own challenge. Whether that's walking, plodding or running a distance or whether you have another fitness goal in mind. Whatever it is, we want Aimee and Sarah to inspire you to become an even fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself this year because it's something that we can all achieve.

So, to set us off, let's meet Spark Plod Ambassador, Aimee Shaw who's goal is to run the 2019 Edinburgh Half Marathon...


During your time as spark plod ambassador what goals would you like to achieve?

So, what goals would I like to achieve from this new venture? Well all the usual typical goals: weight loss, fitter, increased level of fitness... But what I really want to achieve is a new understanding of what I’m capable of, I want to understand running, how to do it better, how to feel (and look) better when I’m doing it. I want to learn how I can push myself to go further.
I am also hoping to achieve better motivation levels, running alone (or being the slow one at the back) can be hard at times, so I want to develop a stronger sense of confidence in myself.

What are you most looking forward to about this challenge?

I’m really looking forward to running for a purpose. I did the Yorkshire 10 miler last October and I raised money for a charity for that run, which gave me the motivation to get up and run (even on the days I really couldn’t be bothered) because I couldn’t let the people down that had sponsored me!

The Edinburgh half is more of a personal goal, more of a dare I dared myself to do! I know I can achieve this and that’s what I’m looking most forward to, logging my journey (warts n’all) and seeing my progress and of course runners High...(I’ve not had this for a while).

What do you think will be the hardest element of this challenge?

The hardest part of this challenge, will be being kind to myself! I want to run fast and far, and I want to do it yesterday (just the kinda girl I am 😂).

I ran the 10 miler with Liz, my close friend, so I had her to keep me accountable and on track, but this half I will be doing I won’t have Liz’s shouty voice to keep me I need to develop my own inner shouty voice.

I know the first few runs are going to be hard, as I’ve not ran for a few weeks, so I know I need to push through these barriers... Once I have had that really good run (When it’s not raining that is) I know I’ll push harder! I just need to let go of what I think my run should be like, and just celebrate that I ran... Don’t over analyse!

Tell us an interesting or funny fact about yourself that people may not know.

Right no judging.... But I hate if any of my food touches each other on the plate and I don’t have gravy on my meat on a Sunday roast! Yes I’m fully aware that this is a little strange haha... but I own it! Also how do people take a drink when they have food in their mouth?... I’ve just seen someone do this in Costa coffee?! 😂

Follow Aimee's journey to the Edinburgh half marathon here on our blog and over on our Facebook page.

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