Sarah Seed Sparks her Great Manchester 10k Journey

At the end of 2018, we set out on a search to find our Winter/Spring Spark Plod Ambassadors. From the many that applied, just two of our Plodders, Aimee Shaw and Sarah Seed, were chosen to work with Spark Fitness towards their Spring racing goals.

We'll be sharing Aimee and Sarah's challenge with you and they'll be updating each week on their training; what they've learnt, how they've applied it and how they feel their training is going - we've asked them to be brutally honest so you'll see the highs and the lows.

We hope that in following their journey, you'll feel inspired to get out there and commit to your own challenge. Whether that's walking, plodding or running a distance or whether you have another fitness goal in mind. Whatever it is, we want Aimee and Sarah to inspire you to become an even fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself this year because it's something that we can all achieve.

So, let's find out more about Spark Plod Ambassador, Sarah Seed whose goal is to run the 2019 Great Manchester 10k...

Sarah Seed

During your time as spark plod ambassador, what goals would you like to achieve?

When reflecting on what I wanted my personal goals to be during my time as a SPA, I decided I didn’t want to put most emphasis on numbers. Yes I have that ‘goal weight’ in mind, I think most people will, but during my recent Couch to 5k program I took part in with the plodders, I found I lost literally zero kilos, but lost inches and most importantly felt fantastic and made great friends with inspiring women.

I therefore learnt I felt better about these results than if I’d have lost a few pounds. After all, I believe that you could look wonderful on the outside, but if you don’t feel wonderful in yourself then you struggle to see your reflection in a kind way.

I also didn’t want too many goals as in my opinion that just adds complications, distractions and more things to not reach and then feel bad about yourself for (we’re our worst critics). Anyway enough rambling (you’ll get used to it!) here are my SPA goals:

  • To complete the Great Manchester 10k in May whilst raising money for charity
  • To commit to and persevere through Maggie & Aimi’s training plan and guidance in my bid to get healthier and fitter (both mentally and physically)
  • To be honest with you in my journey, sharing the highs (when my jeans fit that little bit better) to the lows (when I’m being told to run another lap when I just want to nap!)
  • Hopefully, in my quest to achieve these goals, I will help and inspire some people following my story and bring a smile to someone who needs it.

What are you most looking forward to about this challenge?

I’m most looking forward to getting stuck in and seeing where this chapter takes us! I haven’t taken part in anything like this before so I’m really interested to find out what my body can do and the difference this experience will have on me, not just physically, but also on my outlook on things, general wellbeing and experiences along the way. I’m therefore determined to fully embrace it and most of all have fun with it!!!

The only way I will make a genuine change to my lifestyle is if it brings fun and laughter with it.

What do you think will be the hardest element of this challenge?

I think the hardest element of this challenge will be keeping myself disciplined. I’m not someone who wakes up early eager to hit the gym before most people are awake, snack on fruit and veg and have drunk 2 litres of water before lunchtime...

I’m more of a wake up with just enough time to get to work, grab a M&S scotch egg for a lunchtime snack and reach for coffee rather than water kind of woman!

Honesty is the best policy right?

I’ve also been the type to prioritise work on evenings over exercising or socialising. Over the last year this has been something I’ve really tried to work on – to put my own plans and ‘me time’ before work on a more regular basis to achieve greater resilience and life/work balance. I’m still working on this and being part of the Plodders' group runs has been great. However I struggle with getting myself motivated on my own, so that will be a challenge.

Tell us an interesting or funny fact about yourself that people may not know.

I’m an adventurer at heart and have been lucky enough to have had some unforgettable experiences in my life so far.

My biggest adventure was living in Sydney, Australia for 3.5 years (2012-2016) which brought with it truly unforgettable and cherished memories.

I’m always looking for my next adventure big or small and as I (VERY reluctantly) reach the big 3-0 in June this year, I’m compiling a list of 30 things to do in my 30th year – happy to receive any suggestions 😃

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